1 Point Needle vs. Microblading
Why I use 1 point needle

“Hair Stroke Eyebrows” comes packaged with many different names. These days, Microblading is the most commonly used term to describe the tattooing of little hairs on the eyebrows. Microblading is NOT the only method of achieving this effect. Microblading is the term used to describe a technique which employs the use of a hand tool rather than a machine to tattoo the colored hair like strokes into the skin.

Microblading Classic Holder Microblading Classic Holder.A hand tool has the appearance of a writing pen, but instead of a ballpoint pen on the end of it there is an opening at the end where the technician attaches a small grouping of 9-12 needles aligned in a row that resembles a scalpel, also referred to as the “blade.”

The “blade” is then dipped into color, and the technician presses the extremely sharp needles into the skin and slices through the skin creating small cuts/wounds in which color is rubbed into, generally with a toothpick.

Microblading cuts the dermal tissue for staining. Microblading cuts the dermal tissue.

The openings created by the “blade” have now exposed the clients dermal tissue and a 10 minute wait time is observed for the tissue to be stained by the pigment that was rubbed into the cuts.

After opening the tissue by microblading pigment is rubbed into the cuts. The microblading technician steeps the cuts with pigment to produce staining.

Kristina is not a practitioner of the microblading technique for creating Hair Stroke eyebrows because it creates cuts in the skin which can and most often does cause scarring, thickening, and raising of the skin over the long term. Kristina has been working in the industry since 2010 and seen clients who have had this procedure performed many times over show up with scarring and wavy looking eyebrow skin due to continued yearly microblading touch ups.

Her philosophy is that if she wouldn’t have the procedure performed on her eyebrows, then she wouldn’t recommend it to her clients. Kristina has chosen to stay with the machine method utilizing a one-point needle, which is 0.18mm, to perform hair stroke eyebrow work.

She has experience seeing clients over the course of many years with no scarring or keloid formation in the skin. If you desire more information regarding Kristina’s technique and use of tattooing device, please feel free to call or email Kristina, and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have!