Imagine always waking up to perfectly shaped and colored brows, flawlessly designed eyeliner that is precisely where you want it to be without smudges and perfectly contoured/colored lips that never wipe off.

This is the advantage women with permanent makeup get to enjoy day and night.


Brows can literally make or break you. An artistically designed brow which is created utilizing the anatomical features of each individual's face will have your friends and colleagues wondering why you look younger and more rested. It’s exactly that type of reaction that we want to achieve because the change is subtle enough they don’t know what it is yet impactful enough that it is clear to everyone some sort of improvement has been made.


Eyeliner makes such a huge impact on the attractiveness of your eyes. A simple lash enhancement can give the appearance of a fuller, more lush lash-line while the application of a delicately winged eyeliner can provide lift to an aging eye or a touch of exotic to a youthful one. Imagine how nice it would be waking up from sleeping, taking a shower, working out at the gym or swimming in the ocean or pool and your eyeliner is always perfectly applied in the favorite way you like to do it!

Semi-Permanent Lip Color

Lip color that doesn't smudge! Semi-Permanent Lip Color are perfect for those who need to restore their lackluster pout. Symmetry to the contours of your lips can be redefined, bright lip color or natural blush can be chosen and correction of purple toned lips can be achieved. Give yourself the treat of pretty lips you’ll adore looking at.

Dark Lips Correction

Dark Lips Correction is a very specialized technique, the most difficult technique to execute, and requires a highly skilled artist to perform. Pigments contain different formulations that may appear visibly pink, but due to its contents, can heal black in people with lips that are considered “dark.”