Kristina Davidson

Kristina’s sophomore venture into the cosmetic tattooing event-planning sector occurred July 2014 in Los Angeles, California. She partnered with Italian cosmetic tattooing powerhouse, Biotek, to utilize their sponsorship model during this 5-day event series. Headlining master artists were Anna Savina and Tatiana Petraitis from the Biotek European family of master trainers. Students converged in downtown Los Angeles to learn Butterfly Eyeliner, 3 Dimensional hair stroke techniques, as well as Baby Doll lips techniques. Upon the successful completion of the 60 student venture, these new techniques gained popularity among the cosmetic tattooing industry and have given the students who learned them the competitive edge amongst the other artists in their hometowns.

In November, Kristina coordinated her final master class for the year 2014. She brought European Artist, Daria Chuprys to center stage so that she could share the “micro blading” technique, which was gaining popularity within the industry. The successful event was held at the historic and luxurious Biltmore Millennium Hotel in trendy downtown Los Angeles. Kristina’s master classes always include the option to work on live models, which gives the technicians the highest probability of truly learning the techniques that are being taught. Kristina has crafted her training events around what she’s learned is the only way to truly grasp certain advanced cosmetic tattooing concepts.

Kristina is excited to now be a San Antonian and is enjoying all the city has to offer with her husband Kyle. She’s also a very active mother to her son Kristoffer and her step-daughters Kaitlin and Jillian. She finds great rewards in working in the field of cosmetic tattooing and continually strives to improve the lives of those she meets through her multi-faceted business.