Dark Lips Correction

Dark Lips Correction is a very specialized technique, the most difficult technique to execute, and requires a highly skilled artist to perform. Pigments contain different formulations that may appear visibly pink, but due to its contents, can heal black in people with lips that are considered “dark.” Dark includes anyone who has a noticeably darker top lip, and darker outer corners of the bottom lip. It also includes all women of African American and black ethnicities, and many Hispanic, Asian, mixed and even sometimes Caucasian/white backgrounds. Dark also means women who have “blue” or “purple” cold lips. Results typically last 3+ years.

Please keep in mind that this technique requires 2+ sessions. We have to monitor progress one session at a time, and 6 weeks between sessions. I use safe pigments that focus on lightening the lips and/or correcting the “blue” and “purple” cold undertones in the skin. I do my absolute BEST to get you your desired end color result, but the exact color cannot be 100% guaranteed. The goal end goal colors are beige, lighter tan, pink, or peachy.